Most Used Culinary Herbs And Spices

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The last few years have shown an increase in the popularity of cooking shows. Not a single chef, amateur cook, or wannabe chef prepares a meal without using at least a handful of various herbs and spices.

We decided to enlighten you on some of the most commonly used herbs and spices used during cooking and food preparation.

culenary herbs

Aniseed with its licorice flavor is most commonly used in cookies, cakes and desserts. One can even sprinkle some over a fresh fruit salad.

Basil being one of the most relished herbs going back decades. It is used in pasta sauces, soups, marinades, herbal breads and omelets.

Caraway seeds are used to add a little zest to rye bread and most commonly it is used to add flavor to potato dishes and cabbage salads.

Cayenne pepper lends itself to vegetable or bean stews, curries, chilies, spicy cold noodle dishes, and hot-and-sour dishes.

Cinnamon is habitually a component of curry blends and is a fixture in many baked goods, including custards, puddings, cakes, cookies, and fruit pies.

Coriander is an excellent flavoring for bean dishes of many sorts. Corn and cabbage recipes as well as vegetable relishes and hot-sweet chutneys are enhanced by the flavor of coriander.

Cumin is used in soups, tomato-based enchilada sauces, bean dishes, and vegetable stews. A pinch of cumin in breads is an old European tradition, and this works predominantly well in cornbread.

Dried dill is a fairly good standby for fresh when necessary. Fresh or dried, dill has a special kinship with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Fennel seeds tossed into fresh fruit salads add an interesting twist. Try green beans or root vegetables such as parsnips with a hint of the whole or ground seeds are just as delightful.

Fenugreek appears as an element of Indian curries and chutneys and is used as a pickling spice in the Far East.

Marjoram is used in Italian-style tomato sauces, bean stews, pizza sauces, soups, grain dishes, and vinaigrette salad dressings.

Fresh mint is commonly used in chutneys and in the palate-cooling relishes known as raitas, to add a refreshing note. Fresh mint is also a standard ingredient in the popular Middle Eastern tabouli. In a pinch, use dried mint as a substitute for fresh in such recipes, but the effect will not be the same.

Parsley, although used more commonly in its fresh form, can be purchased dry. It is used in foods such a stews, pastas, and omelets. It makes for an interesting taste in just about any foods.

Pepper is the second most commonly used seasoning after salt.

Saffron, by far the most expensive of all spices, and mainly used in rice dishes.

Sage is used in meat dishes, soups and even occasionally on salads. It is also most commonly used in stuffed sausages.

Thyme is an important seasoning in typical French and Creole recipes and is good used whenever a mixture of dried herbs is called for. Soups, vinaigrettes, grain and bean dishes, corn dishes, and tomato sauces all benefit from the distinguishing flavor of thyme.

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