Mint Instead Of Aspirin

Written by: Export Herbs

We recently blogged about our newest product, Mint Hay, and that it is used to extract peppermint oil. Today we would like to tell you that mint is a great, powerful alternative to Aspirin. Aspirin is the main component of headache and inflammation medicines.

For centuries, the Chinese have been using mint oil for joint pains, inflammation and sprains. Even the famous Hippocrates cooled the skin with mint oil.

aspirinmint oil

Recent studies have found that mint oil can actually assist the human cells to help ease pain. So in effect, you are easing the pain from inside by rubbing the oil on the outside. An added, if not more important, benefit is that it doesn’t release toxins to the body as much as it would by taking pills. This is because the oil is applied to the skin. This makes it ideal for persons suffering from chronic pains.

We have been blogging a lot about the choices between natural herb remedies and chemical medicines. It becomes clearer each time that we should return to what nature provides us in the garden.

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