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The Most Expensive Herb In The World

Saffron is the most expensive herb or spice in the world. It is derived from the stigmas of the purple saffron crocus flower and it can take between seventy thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand flowers to make one pound (0.45 kilgrams) of this spice. Furthermore, the flowers need to be individually handpicked in the autumn when the flowers are fully open.

How To Store Dried Herbs

There are certain herbs and spices that work best when dried. Usually when buying dried herbs, they come in larger bags than we may desire, which means we need to attempt storing them in such a way that they will last as long as possible.

It is important to know that dried herbs don’t expire. They do however lose their aroma after about two years and shortly after that the taste will be lost too. The only way to know is to rub some of the dried substance between the fingers and if it still smells like the actual herb, it is still good enough to keep and use in cooking or medicines.

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